Cluny Sisters : Province of USA and Canada
Women bringing hope and compassion to our anquished world
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  • The study of "This Great and Beautiful World, A Guide to our Commitment to the Integrity of Creation"
    by Bernard Ménard, OMI
  • 2010 Cluny Calendar focus on Environment: Voices of the Cosmos
  • Annual Peace Day celebration at Cluny School
  • Writing our Government representatives
  • Participation in rallys, walks etc. for causes rooted in Gospel values
  • Socially Responsible Investments
  • Workshops and ongoing formation in areas of Peace and Justice
  • 2007 Planting of Cluny Peace Pole at Cluny School
  • 2007 Cluny Calendar focus on Peace
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"By means of our apostolic activities -
whether they be proclamation of the Word,
education in the faith or preparation of minds and hearts through teaching, nursing, social work
or any other form of service -
we are always engaged in evangelisation,
for the Kingdom of God begun here below grows to the extent that
JUSTICE, PEACE and CHARITY are promoted." (Constitutions, Art. 10)